Storm Damage & Disaster Cleanup in SF North Bay

At Trew Tree Experts, Inc., we know that severe weather will lead to falling trees and limbs that can seriously damage your home, outlying structure, vehicles and property. High winds and highly saturated soil can cause tree roots to fail and branches to weaken.

Limbs may be torn free during storms or an entire tree may fall, causing power outages, property damage, and even personal injury. Trees that retain foliage in winter such as conifers and certain oaks are more susceptible to damage because the foliage adds weight and wind resistance.

The certified arborist at Trew Tree Experts can inspect for defects and conditions that could predispose your trees to failure.

Our experience working with Insurance Companies will allow us to help you through the process.

Storm Damage & Disaster Cleanup| Sonoma County | Trew Tree Experts