Fruit Tree Pruning & Training in SF North Bay

Scheduled annually, fruit tree pruning is a necessary task and in northern California and that’s why we’ve performed tons of them at Trew Tree Experts, Inc., including citrus, avocado, apple, grape vines and just about any fruit tree you’ve ever imagined. By fruit tree pruning, it will enhance the tree’s life while allowing for new growth and increased fruit production, because the tree will stop wasting nutrients on dead or dying branches.

A primary objective of training and pruning is to develop a strong tree framework that will support fruit production. Improperly trained fruit trees generally have very upright branch angles, which result in serious limb breakage under a heavy fruit load. This significantly reduces the productivity of the tree and may greatly reduce tree life. Another goal of annual training and pruning is to remove dead, diseased, or broken limbs.

Proper tree training also opens up the tree canopy to maximize light penetration, which is essential for flower bud development and optimal fruit set, flavor, and quality. Although a mature tree may be growing in full sun, a very dense canopy may not allow enough light to reach 12 to 18 inches inside the canopy. Opening the tree canopy also allows for adequate air movement through the tree, which promotes rapid drying to minimize disease infection and allows thorough pesticide penetration.

Additionally, a well-shaped fruit tree is aesthetically pleasing, whether in a landscaped yard, garden, or commercial orchard. It all works together to make a healthier, happier tree that will serve you with a fruitful relationship that will last for many decades to come.

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