Thinning & Trimming in SF North Bay

Thinning and trimming will vastly improve your tree’s appearance while promoting new and healthy growth. Thinning also decreases the amount of excess weight on the tree, by allowing more wind to pass through the tree’s branches.

This prevents strong winds from creating potentially dangerous hazards that can lead to personal injury, home damage and other issues down the road. Thinning and trimming is an ideal solution when your trees get too top heavy and by not thinning, the tree can eventually die.

At Trew Tree Experts, Inc., we’ve thinned literally thousands of trees over the years, so we’re experienced and highly skilled at thinning all types of trees, regardless of where they are and how old they are.

While some tree service companies will advise to remove a tree that is overgrown, thinning is in many cases, the best solution and part of our tree-friendly approach.

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