Stump Grinding in SF North Bay

Turn your stumps into usable chips and mulch them up for re-use throughout your yard or property. Homeowners have used many methods over the years to remove tree stumps after a tree removal, but stump grinding is the most practical and greenest way of performing the task.

For many years it was thought that stump grinding was an optional tree care service that wasn’t necessary if the stump was in a remote location in the landscape. However, current research indicates that grinding out tree stumps can reduce the chance of other trees in your landscape from becoming infected with tree decay fungi.

Stumps that remain after a tree removal can also become infected with wood decay fungi. At Trew Tree Experts, Inc.,  we handle the entire process, including locating underground obstructions, such as  electric wires for accent lighting, sprinkler lines, underground dog fences, septic fields, etc.

The arborist, or yourself should contact phone and utility companies in advance of stump grinding so the location of underground wires or pipes can be identified.

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