Tree Removal in SF North Bay

At Trew Tree Experts, Inc., we’re all about saving trees when possible, but in some cases, tree removal is the only way to go. After determining that there is no further chance to save your tree, the professionals at Trew Tree Experts, Inc. will jump into action and remove your tree the best way possible.

When a tree develops problems, it’s often difficult to decide when to remove the tree. Dying trees that are not in danger of falling on people or structures can usually be allowed to die in place without requiring our services. If you’re attached to an old dying tree on your property, we can often keep the tree as long as possible, by cutting out all of the dead or diseased portions and watering thoroughly when required.

Unfortunately, continually removing dead wood is expensive and sometimes neighbors are concerned about the possibility that the tree may fall on their property. Let us sit down with you and discuss your options before removing any tree.

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