About Us

Our Passion For Trees Tells The Story

I saw a friend of mine climbing up a tree one day, and I instantly realized that this was going to be my career. I was only 16, but I knew this was my calling.

People overuse the word ‘passion,’ but my passion for this business is the perfect word for what we do at Trew Tree Experts, Inc.

Save a tree if you can is our mantra and it’s also our mission.

Trees provide shade and climate moderation--they hold soil in place, help keep air and water clean, increase property value and provide beauty. What other living thing can achieve all that just be standing in place and looking pretty?

Some tree services lead with ‘no’, but we’re always looking for the ‘yes’ on every project we do, and that’s why we’re known as ‘can do people!”

Different cities have different requirements, laws and local concerns when it comes to trees and we know them all. Knowledge is king in the tree service industry, and that’s why we stay ahead of the game when it comes to municipal codes and restrictions.

We are locally owned and operated and our owner Javad Trew is a Sonoma county native and he and Trew Tree Experts strives to provide Sonoma county with high quality tree care and service.

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